Winter Weather brings surge in Demand for Agency Nurses

With many doctors and nurses struggling to get into work because of the snow and ice on the roads, there has been a major surge in demand for the temporary nurses supplied by Nursing Services of the UK. The nursing agency can find jobs for nurses of all specialisations and is arranging accommodation options where an agency nurse is willing to remain at an NHS hospital and complete further shifts until the snow clears.

Nursing Services of the UK is working closely with hospitals throughout England to meet their staffing shortfall. The agency is approved by the NHS Buying Solutions, National Agency Nursing & Care Framework Agreement. The NHS Confederation warns that there are concerns about the weeks ahead. Nigel Edwards, policy director at the NHS Confederation, said:-

" NHS Trusts across the country are reporting extremely high levels of demand. Local health services have well developed plans for dealing with the usual pressures of winter, but the scale of demand is significantly greater than expected at this time of year or for these weather conditions."   

Nursing Services of the UK is contacting their bank of agency nurses to find out if they are available and able to travel to one or more NHS Hospitals locally for shifts. The agency is actively phoning hospitals on behalf of nurses to inform the hospital of their availability and skills and then book them in for shifts.

The increase in demand is right across the country, although there are particular problems in Surrey, Kent, the Midlands and Manchester regions.

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