Caring for the nation 24 hours a day.

"Nursing Services of the UK was launched in 2009 to provide the same high quality agency service that many medical staff and healthcare providers have enjoyed with us in South Africa for over 60 years," say the Directors of The Nursing Services of the UK.

"Every nurse in the UK, we believe, should have the right to work where they want, within an environment that meets their personal choices and needs for professional development, and be remunerated according to their skills and experience. At The Nursing Services of the UK, we see a future full of promise - and we intend to realise it for the benefit of all: our healthcare staff, the patients for whom they care, and our clients, the service providers."

Nurses and clients working with The Nursing Services of the UK can be confident that they will receive the choice of a range of assignments to suit their professional and personal needs, backed by a prompt and professional service, supported by experienced, friendly recruitment consultants.

Established for over 60 years, with long experience in the recruitment, management and assignment of medical staff, the South African staffing company was acquired in 2006 by Ambition 24hours and the A24 Group, the UK's leading temporary staffing agency.

The A24 Group was the first healthcare agency in the UK, and then South Africa, to offer a 24-7 service, 365 days a year. The agency then undertook and completed the biggest IT support project of its kind in the sector, say the Directors:

"We have brought to the industry all the benefits of the latest technology for the efficient and safe management, monitoring and verification of medical staffing services. This means that we can instantly match our clients’ needs with the most suitable, qualified agency staff, and enable candidates to better manage their work-life balance through a host of on-line facilities. Technology underpins the helpful and friendly human interface that we can offer through our trained, experienced staff, 24-7."