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SEN and HCA nursing agency staff can now manage their work and compliance on the internet with the advanced systems operated by Nursing Services of the UK – one of the leading nursing agencies approved by the NHS Occupational Health Requirements.

Nurses registered for nursing agency jobs with NSUK have personal on-line diaries to advise the NSUK of their availability for work. There are nurses jobs alerts by SMS text too – and automatic notifications by e-mail when mandatory training and annual registrations fall due. NSUK was launched in 2009 to provide the same high quality agency service that many medical staff and healthcare providers have enjoyed with the agency in South Africa for over 60 years. Employers of SEN staff benefit from one of the UK’s most advanced compliance systems to meet their temporary staffing needs, with safety and security in mind. Features of the NSUK service include: full ICT safeguards and support for compliance and booking; nurse registration backed by face-to-face interviews and full credentials and CRB checks; detailed 23-page career questionnaire and check on four named referees; and career proof of certification. NSUK now recruits SEN staff for all nursing posts - HCA, RN, RGN, RMN, EN, ENG, ENM, RSCN, RFN, RM, Midwives and also RHV.

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