Measles and Mumps requirements for Nursing Agency Staff

Agency nurses working in the UK must be fully compliant with Department of Health Measles and Mumps requirements to be eligible for work with the A24 Group. The Department of Health has now written to Trusts to inform them that all healthcare professionals should be able to prove immunity. Visit

Candidates will need to produce written evidence in the form of a compliant certificate of fitness. This requires that candidates have the following evidence available: proof of positive antibody for Measles and Rubella; or that they have received two MMR Vaccinations; or that they have received a series of two Measles, Rubella and also Mumps Vaccinations (so 6 in total).
Also, if a candidate has a positive antibody for Measles and Rubella but his or her mumps are negative or equivocal then appropriate action must be taken as mumps immunity is still necessary. For more details contact us on this web site:
The latest figures show the uptake of the MMR triple vaccine in the community has risen slightly to 89.6% from 83.4%.

However, they are still a long way off the 95% level needed to provide "herd immunisation" and prevent the disease taking hold in the community among unvaccinated people.

Some states in the USA now have a requirement for children to be vaccinated before they start at school. The country has a 99% uptake of MMR among school entry children.

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