Getting you working!

The Occupational Health requirements as laid down by the Government Procurement Service seem more than a little daunting at first, but in fact you have a number of ways you can supply the information to us. Remember, as a preferred supplier to the NHS, Nursing Services of the UK can offer our candidates shifts across the UK in areas and at times to suit them best, which after all is why you’ve chosen to register with us! 

Here's what's required and your Evidence options:

Immunisation Evidence Options Expirary
Non-Exposure Prone Procedures (Non-EPP)
Varicella (Chicken Pox) 1. A signed self declaration on our Occupational Health Form None
2. A Serology report stating your Immunity None
Tuberculosis (TB) 1. Proof of your BCG scar being sighted by a GP or Occupational Health Professional on headed paper from their practice, signed and stamped stating their professional pin number None
2. Proof of a positive skin test result either: Heaf Test or Mantoux Test within set parameters None


1. A Serology Report stating 2x doses of MMR vaccinations None
2. Individual lab reports for each seperate disease stating either: 2x Measels, 2x Mumps, 2x Rubella immunisations None
3. Individual lab reports stating a positive antibody can be accepted for Measels, Mumps and Rubella None
Hep B 1. Your report must show a titre level of greater than 100 iu/ml None
2. If after 2 courses and a period of more than 2-4 months after the 2nd course you still cannot raise your titre level above 100 ui/ml then we can accept a stamped letter from your haematology department stating that you are a "low responder". This can be submitted along with the 2 original serology reports. None

Exposure Prone Procedures (EPP) - Additional Immunisations Required

Immunisation Evidence Options Expiry
Hep B Surface Antigen 1. Evidence of a Negative Surface Antigen Test 3 years
Hep C 1. A Serology Report stating a Negative result. Positive results can be submitted for our occupational health departments review. 3 years
HIV 1. Candidates must supply a serology report stating they rest Negative for the HIV Antibody before they can work in an EPP role. 3 years

Please Note: All Agency Workers are treated as new to the NHS regardless of how long they have worked in NHS Agency roles or directly for the NHS.

Boxes coloured grey All Serology Reports must be stamped by the place of issue to prove they are genuine
Boxes coloured red All Serology Reports must be issued in the UK and be stamped by the place of issue to prove they are genuine. The result should also state/be stamped
IVS (Identified Validated Samples) for EPP clearance. This is to check the identity of the Locum at the time of the test and involves the Locum showing their
passport, or some other form of photographic ID. This will then be checked by laboratory and noted on the report with either a stamp or printed confirmation.

What to do first

Firstly review what you do have and if you’re not sure if you have meets NHS criteria then send it through one of our compliance experts and we will then be able to advise you as its suitability and your next steps.

What if I do not hold any reports to prove I’m immune

Before we can offer you work the NHS will require you to supply us with valid documentary evidence, but you have some options here to:

  • Go to the occupational health department and organise the missing immunisations you require.

  • If you’re not part of an institution with an occupational health department, you can click here and find your nearest NHS Occupational Department. You can give them a call to organise your immunisations.

  • You can call any private occupational health provider to organise immunisation.

  • Here are a few: